Floor Sanding and Polishing In Hobart

If you have decided on getting wooden floors or restoring your extant floors to breathe new life into them. Then floor sanding and polishing are a must to keep your floors looking fresh. In this article, we will cover what’s included in floor sanding and polishing, and how to prepare and maintain floors.

Sanding vs polishing in Hobart

When it comes to the restoration and maintenance of floors, there are two main methods sanding and polishing in Hobart. So when we should use them? It hinges on the condition of the floor. You can use these both techniques separately or together. There are pros and cons to both.


Sanding is an exceptional technique for bracing damaged floors. It deprives the top layer of the logs, detaches any harmful or dry wood to disclose the healthy timber underneath, and is then served with a strain or varnish. Both operations can be combined, but it depends on your specific floors.

Floor sanding in Hobart


Polishing is also mentioned as buffing, and this method creates a beautiful gleam. However, it’s not the most effective technique as it doesn’t get deep into the log itself. Floor polishing is used to remove dust, dirt, and other waste from the surface of the floor. Floor polishing can also be used to remove blemishes and scratches from the surface of a floor.

Hobart Floor Polishers

As a professional service provider in Hobart, we use equitable tools for the task at hand and are apprised of the specific polishing techniques that are suitable for different types of floors. We guarantee perfectly polished floors.

Benefits of floor sanding and polishing

There are various benefits to sanding and polishing your Hobart home’s floors. It changes the complete look and feel of a house, and when you took good care and maintenance of your flooring it can even expand the value of your property. Here are some of the main advantages of having competent timber floor sanding and polish for your home.

  1. Boost house value

Sanding and polishing your floor daily can help to refine the overall value of your house. Damaged flooring can be disgraced and decrease the value of your home for potential buyers. Hardwood floors have become very popular in Hobart these days. They keep your floors looking the best.

  1. Diminish the risk of wear and tear

Wood flooring is enduring but if the floor isn’t maintained properly they are prone to damage easily. The best way to amend this and reduce long-term damage would be to bear when needed floor sanding and polishing in combination with using carpets. This will help to take off the signs of any damage to your floors.

  1. Renew the look

                 If the floor is not maintained thoroughly they tend to lose its charm at a certain point in time. Daily sanding polishing will help to lessen the damage caused by foot traffic, dust, and accidents to preserve the natural shine of the wood.

If you are looking to freshen up the look of your floor then there’s no better way than professional floor sanding and polishing in Hobart. Sanding polishes out the surface and brings it back to an even finish. This removes the scratches on the top surface.

After sanding and polishing

When floor sanding and polishing are completed:

  • Stay away from the floor for at least 24 hours. This will avert the floor from becoming damaged.
  • It takes almost seven days to fully harden the polyurethane. Avoid moving furniture—lift and place where possible to avoid scratching the floor.
  • To reduce scratches on your newly sanded floor, fix protective pads or little pieces of felt to the feet of  and heavy objects.
  • Move rugs after two weeks. If you left them for too long, they can leave a permanent mark on your floor, so move them to a different area after two weeks.

MAM-Painting (team) is a specialist in restoring the floor. Over the years our team of professionals has sharpened their skills to be able to restore and repair any floor. Hobart has some beautiful old and heritage homes in which our team has proven their skill. Call our friendly team for your timber floors for quality workmanship that gets beautiful results.

Our floor sanding and polishing services in Hobart are dust free!

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